5 CC'S ~ 5 RCC'S ~ 3 BOB'S






Rest in Peace



Photo by Pete Leadbeater


"I am typing this through tears and a very heavy heart right now..... this is one status up-date I didn't want or hope I would type for a long time :-( The Vet operated on Squidy Dog (Tia) this morning and found cancerous tumours on her bowel, which could not be removed and also the cancer had spread to her Lymph nodes :-( so Martin and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go whilst she was still under sedation.  We are both absolutely heartbroken.  Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to post and send PM's of support, this has meant so much to us.  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts."


RIP Squidy Dog, you were one very special girlie.

Run pain free now sweetheart.

We loved you so much

xxxxxxx night night xxxxxxx



 For Tia


A 'Special Place'

You have a special place Dear Lord

that I know you'll always keep

A place reserved for special dogs

when they quietly fall asleep

Lord, I know, you keep this Special Place

And so to you I pray,

For one Special Stafford

Who quietly died today.

She was full of strength and love

And so very, very wise.

The puppy look she once had

Had long since left her eyes.

She is dearly missed

By all of us

So, speak to Tia softly please

And give her a warm hello.

She's a Special Gift to you Dear Lord

From Karen and Martin who loved her so.


Until we meet again, Rest in Peace Squidy dog xXx



D.O.B: 2.2.04 - 2012

L2/HC clear


Clear Eye Certificate - PHPV unaffected



Click here for Tia's Pedigree



Tia did us so very proud in the show ring and we are over the moon with her wins.


Thank you to the following judges who thought highly enough of Tia to award her CC’s:

Mr Brian Owen at Driffield Championship Show in Oct 2006 - thank you for awarding Tia her first CC and BOB.........what a day!!!


Mrs A Gatenby at Crufts 2007 - thank you for making all our dreams come true by awarding Tia the Bitch CC and BOB


Mrs V Westwood at Blackpool Championship Show on 22nd June 2007 - thank you for awarding Tia her 3rd CC making her a Champion


Mrs Helen Reaney at East of England Championship Show on 17th July 2007 - Bitch CC and BOB


Mr Alan Hedges at Southern Counties SBTC Championship Show on 21st October 2007 - Bitch CC and RBIS


Thank you to the following judges who thought highly enough of Tia to award her RCC’s:


Mr J Farley at Potteries SBTC Championship Show on 15 July 2006


Mr Norman Berry at Northern Ireland SBTC Championship Show on 21 April 2007


Mr Mansel Frayne at South Wales Kennel Association on 6th July 2007


Mr Frank Schick at Western SBTC Championship Show on 6 October 2007


Mr Alan Small at Midland Counties Championship Show on 27 October 2007




Tia won Best Veteran in Show at Downloads SBTC Championship Show


Tia won Best Veteran at Bournemouth Championship Show under Judge Mrs J Higgins




Tia crowned Champion in June 2007


Tia was Runner Up at National Terrier Club Open Show Dog of the Year April 2007


Tia won the Bitch CC and BOB at Crufts - Click here for Tia's Crufts success


Tia won Top Stafford for 2007




Tia started 2006 by winning Best Bitch and Best in Show and a Res Best in Show at Alyn in Deeside SBTC 


Also winning Best in Show at the Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire qualifying her for the National Terrier Open Show Dog of the year 2007, Best in Show at Northern Counties SBTC, Best in Show at Alyn in Deeside SBTC in June 2006


Tia achieved her stud book number in May 2006


K.C. Show Certificate of Merit (Shcm) also gained in 2006




In 2005, she obtained a Best in Show and a Reserve Best in Show



Show Results

More Show Results




Driffield Championship Show

4 October 2006

Judge: Mr Brian Owen

 Open Bitch (8 Ent)

No hesitation in giving her a first CC & BOB


Eight of the best including four champions, but the day belonged to a newcomer in open.  She stole the show for me, standing four square quality with no exaggerations in any department, a good head shape with correct length of muzzle, clean bite, nice dark eyes, lovely small ears with well placed shoulders, ample rib and a level topline that was maintained on the move.



Crufts Championship Show

10 March 2007

Judge: Mrs A Gatenby

Open Bitch (24 Ent)




Johnson's Tillcarr Ring of Fire, what a simply lovely bitch, has all the attributes which go to the making of a champion which I am sure she will be in the near future.  Very typical Stafford as she was quite happy to put the dog in his place when moving round the ring!  Congratulations to the owners.



Blackpool and District Canine Society Championship Show

22nd June 2007

Judge: Mrs V Westwood

Open Bitch (11 Ent/4 Abs)


Bitch CC


I have always admired her as a spectator and was very pleased to be given the opportunity to judge her.  Very well balanced, good head proportions giving true expression, nicely constructed front, good spring of rib, good muscletone, pristine condition, moved soundly.  CC



Southern Counties SBTC Championship Show

21 October 2007

Judge: Mr A Hedges

Open Bitch




High class brindle who headed a very good class.  She has a first class head, straight enough front and a good neck.  Good shoulders and a short back.  She is well ribbed up and has a dead level topline when standing.  She has good hindquarters and moves as well as any.  Her topline does tend to go a bit on the move but I think this is in no small part due to the fact that there is a bit of fire burning inside and she is rather keen to exchange views with the opposition.  I don’t quite know how to quantify sparkle in the eyes, but this girl has it.  She is presented in tip top condition and handled very well.  I have enjoyed watching the journey of this team from wide eyes through to champion.  She is a lovely bitch and a credit to her owners and breeders, and to the breed.



Potteries SBTC Championship Show

15th July 2006

Judge: Mr J Farley

Limit Bitch



Reserve CC


Black brindle, again this bitch right on the standard, well balanced looking, active and agile, showing strength but still keeps that feminine expression, strong head with well pronounced ckeek muscles, plenty of rib with good tuck up, kept on her toes and pushed hard in the challenge.



Northern Ireland SBTC Championship Show

21 April 2007

Judge: Mr Norman Berry

Open Bitch



Reserve CC


Slightly larger size than first.  Black Brindle with many great qualities.  Feminine throughout. Excellent head, deep through with distinct stop, good ear placement, round eyes.  Strong clean neck line with well placed shoulders.  Well sprung rib with enough tuck up.  Two excellent movers on the day.  Title imminent!



South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show

6th July 2007

Judge: Mr M Frayne

Open Bitch



Reserve CC


Black brindle with touch of white, another bitch screaming out “LOOK AT ME” Cracking shape to her skull, nice round dark eye, ultra short muzzle, strong jaw, nice rose ears, good front on this very nice bitch, good spring of rib, well tucked up at rear, good strong hindquarters, level top line, neat pump handle tail, Moved ok.  Very close decision between this one and class winner, Earned and deserved her RESERVE BITCH CC



Western Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society Championship Show

6 October 2007

Judge: Mr Patrick McGlynn

Open Bitch



Reserve CC & RBIS


Another well deserved champion.  Stronger all over than 1 but sound as a bell.  She has a glorious head without coarseness, well sculpted and clean.  Straight front, great spring of rib and correct quarters with good tuck up.  A very classy, typy bitch.  RCC and RBIS on the decision of the referee.


I enjoyed the privilege of going over these 2 excellent champions.



Midland Counties Championship Show
27 October 2007
Judge: Alan Small
Open Bitch (14 Ent/4 Abs)


Reserve CC


Top quality b/br who carries her title well, in fit hard condition, everything you would ask for, typy with lovely expression and so well balanced, good front and shoulders with well ribbed body, strong quarters, shown well.



SBTC of South Wales Open Show
19 August 2007
Judge: Veronica Brown
Open Bitch (11 Ent/6 Abs)

Top size girl, but what you see is what you get.  Lovely head shape, so clean, with a great dark eye.  She has a correctly constructed front, is short coupled with a nicely muscled back end.  A bitch of great strength without being over the top.  In first class condition and I was really pleased that as I went over her that the overall package was one I really liked.  I had thought she might be too strong, but the word balanced springs to mind.  There is no doubt that her handler gets the very best out of her and she showed her socks off.  She became my RBB and went on to be RBIS. Well done.

Manchester Championship Show
20th January 2007
Judge: Mr Bob Blackley
Open Bitch (18 Ent/7 Abs)


Black brindle, good well proportioned head, showing good expression, good straight well boned front, of good width, well bodied, with good quarters, moved well.

Merseyside SBTC Open Show
17th December 2006

Judge: Karon Jackson

Open Bitch



Best Bitch and Res Best in Show


B.Br bitch of outstanding quality and a real pleasure to examine. She demands attention showing excellent ring presence and type. Strong skull with feminine expression from good eye and ear placement. Correct bite with clean jaw line. Straight front with good bone from clean shoulders blending to nice rib. Neat well padded feet. Excellent outline viewed from any angle, from strong topline and tucked up underline through to strong rear quarters. Great coupling to driving movement. Good overall balanced quality bitch who surely must have a great future and should never be overlooked. Great condition and handled well as always. Excelled in quality today easily taking.



Southern Counties CA

3rd June 2006
Staffordshire Bull Terriers Judge: Tec Norton

Limit (16 Ent/4 Abs)




Bb, an outstanding bitch with a super front and superb head and once again that expression , strong backend with stifles well bent, a deep brisket and well sprung rib, in contention here for top honours.



Loughborough & District Canine Society
14th May 2006

Judge: Mike Davies 

S.B.T Open Dog/Bitch (5 Ent/1 Abs)


BOB, well done

A super black brindle bitch, stunning head and expression, correct bite, dark eye and great ears, giving good strength of head without being overdone, first class front and feet, nice short back, great spring of rib, excellent rear quarters, super topline, excellent mover and in great nick, handled very well, looked super from all angles, was literally "on fire" , on her toes the whole time, just could not deny her.


Merseyside SBTC Limit Show

16th April 2006

Judge: Trevor Taylor (Niatona)

Open Bitch (7 Ent/1 Abs)


A worthy winner, top size black brindle bitch with a little too much and substance all round for me. Pleasing head shape with defined stop and broad foreface. Strong under jaw with correct scissor bite. Straight front, deep brisket, good spring of rib. Level topline, powerful hindquarters, would like to see her with a few pounds off and in fitter condition. Moved with drive and handled very well.



Retford Canine Society
26 March 2006

Judge: Carol Kimber 

Open Bitch



BOB and Group 4

What can I say about this bitch!! A beautiful all over bitch. She looked good at whatever angle you looked at her. Nice feminin head with an expression to die for. Well placed rose ears, dark round eyes, nice length of neck which blended into well laid back shoulders. A good level top line and a well set tail. Good bend of stifle moved with purpose and handled well.



Northern Counties SBTC Limited Show

12th March 2006

Judge: Ron Albutt

Open Bitch



Best Bitch and Best of Breed


Black brindle, nicely balanced bitch, good shaped head, neat ears, dark eye, good mouth, straight front, good shoulder placement, well padded feet, good top line which she kept on the move, nicely angulated quarters, short in the back, moved well, my type of bitch.



Morecambe Bay and Cumbria SBTC Open Show


Judge: Eddie Williams

Open Bitch



Reserve Best Bitch


Lovely black brindle bitch, good head ears and correct expression, very sparky in herself which is nice to see, level topline and very good body shape, moved well.



Southern Counties SBTC Champ Show

23rd October 2005

Judge: Mr Norman Benham

Post Graduate Bitch



Another excellent B/Br bitch a lot of similarity’s to 1st but not quite as strong in head, should have a bright future, came up against a very good bitch today.



Downlands SBTC Championship Show

20 February 2011
Judge: Miss Barbara Ann Beaufoy

Veteran Bitch (16 Ent)


Always been a favourite of mine and today even at the age of 7 looks just as good as ever! lovely b/brindle strong yet feminine head, dark eye, neat ears superb expression - still has mischief written all over her! moved well and shown in superb condition - a well worthy champion. A pleasure to go over her.



Bournemouth Championship Show

14 August 2011

Judge: Janet Higgins (Acrestaff)

Veteran Bitch


1st and Best Veteran


Looking younger than her 7 years, this girl has a good head, neat ears, appealing expression & movement that shows she is still a puppy at heart.  BV